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People Managers and Team Leaders

We believe that the management of staff is a key skill that is essential to the continued success of DST.

You may be fantastic at your job and a very strong expert in your field but this does not automatically make you qualified to manage people effectively.

A great manager has to be many things; a coach, a motivator, a facilitator, a delegator, a leader, a developer, a problem solver, a confidante and a counsellor. They need to empower, produce results and influence.

We provide development for our staff who want to be (and show an aptitude for) people management.

Each step of the way our leadership team will support you with structured and tailored programmes to help you learn the skills need and apply them.

Our structured programmes include Team Essentials for Team Leaders (future and current), moving to Management Essentials which span team, multiple team, matrix and senior management roles and then we have several Leadership Programmes that cater for managers of all levels with the particular focus on Executive Coaching for our Senior Leaders

So whether you join us at the start of your career and develop into an manager or part way through and want to develop you Leadership skills further we have a career path for you

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