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Our apprenticeships are a cut above the rest. We offer schemes that are entirely work-based, giving you the practical skills required to be a success in the workplace. We’ve had more than 800 apprentices graduate our programmes since we launched in 2013, taking the first step with our entry level jobs.

Our early careers are diverse: we offer include Financial Services Apprenticeships, Business Administration Apprenticeships and IT Apprenticeships. Each 18-month scheme offers the opportunity to complete NVQ qualifications, which are highly regarded within the industry. UK employers find apprentices to be 15% more employable than those with other non-industry-specific qualifications, so you’ll be setting yourself up for career success.

We offer paid apprenticeships in both Essex and Scotland, giving you the perfect opportunity to earn while you learn and prepare yourself for a career with a real future. If you join us straight from school or college, you will earn a salary, receive full training and start gaining experience from day one. You’ll graduate from our apprenticeship programmes with industry-recognised qualifications, job opportunities within DST, and no student loans. Indeed, our entry level jobs are a direct pathway to a career that can set you up for life.

After completing your apprenticeship, you can go on to work within DST in a range of different roles. Take charge of your entry level career with us and browse for opportunities below now.

How to apply

Applying for our apprenticeships is easy. When you submit your details online, we’ll send you an email within a few hours confirming we’ve received your application. We’ll keep you informed of your progress at regular intervals, and you can also check it yourself by logging into your job seeker’s account. 

Once you’ve reached the next stage of the application process, you’ll undergo some simple online tests to ensure you’re a good fit for one of our programmes. You may then be asked to come into interview to be an apprentice with us, potentially also attending an assessment centre.

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