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Where can your apprenticeship take you at DST?

22 May

As our apprentices move throughout their schemes and indeed their careers at DST, we always enjoy touching base and seeing where their journey takes them. Claudia Turner, former apprentice and current Training Coach in Client Services Voice, is an example of how hard work and commitment to an apprenticeship can kickstart career success. She spoke to us about her time with the company so far:

“I started in June 2015 as an apprentice”
After finishing college in early 2015, Claudia worked at a pub before being inspired to pursue a career that would utilise her skills and knowledge and allow her to grow and develop. After being pointed towards DST by a cousin, she realised that an apprenticeship within the financial services industry could be the perfect stepping stone to career success, particularly as it provided industry qualifications. The apprenticeship saw her work on the phones in Client Services for 14 months, completing her apprenticeship work books in under a year and really thriving within the Client Services environment. Her manager noticed her potential and identified her as a good fit for the Administration Analysis team within Client Services Voice, allowing her to develop in a new role and further extend her professional capabilities. Claudia researched, applied for and got the role, which she enjoyed for a year before deciding it was time for a new challenge.

“I completed my IOC in April 2017”

Like other DST apprentices, Claudia undertook and completed the Investment Operations Certificate, an industry-recognised qualification that has enabled her to grow in her career. She also achieved NVQ level 2, quickly meeting and surpassing the standards and objectives required for apprentices. The ability to gain qualifications was a big plus for Claudia when undertaking an apprenticeship, and is something she is proud to have achieved in her career so far. The level of training and certification she received during her apprenticeship meant she could speed up her career, enabling her to be in the Training Coach role today.

“My manager thought I’d make a good Team Leader or Coach”

As Claudia developed within DST, it became clear that she was good at leading people and explaining things to them clearly and concisely. After a manager suggested she pursue a role in this area, she researched the role of Training Coach, spoke with people who had worked in that position and applied for a vacancy. Nine months on, she’s loving it. She enjoys the buzz of the phones and the ability to nurture new starters, and while the coaching role was a big change to the ‘behind-the-scenes’ world of Administration, she’s loved the new challenge and the ability to interact with many people across the business.

“I love the company, I love my colleagues and I love my job”

DST has been a welcoming environment for Claudia, who enjoys the friendly environment of her department. On top of this, she says every manager she’s had has been supportive, caring and proactive, giving her encouragement to take the next steps in her career, with learning and development courses provided to help her grow. She’s demonstrated her willingness to learn from her mistakes and achieve more for her associates and team members, making her a valuable asset to the business.

“If you’re like me and want a job to build a career from, an apprenticeship is a perfect start”

To anyone considering a DST apprenticeship, Claudia says, “Go for it”. Financial services is a rapidly growing and evolving industry, and you can build a solid career within it. Hard work pays off, and Claudia is testament to how commitment and determination can shape a bright future.

DST’s apprenticeship schemes are entirely work-based, with the opportunity to complete industry-standard qualifications while training and earning a salary. Our programmes are a great opportunity for anyone looking to kickstart their career in financial services.
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