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Wellness in the workplace: The IFDS Global Step Challenge

23 Sep

Physical inactivity costs the wider UK economy an estimated £8.2 billion every year. On top of this, sickness absenteeism each year in the UK comes at a cost of £29 billion to businesses, according to figures from the British Heart Foundation. The case for wellness in the workplace is obviously a strong one, and it’s something we take seriously at IFDS.

Why is wellness in the workplace so important?

Healthy staff are happy staff. Not only that, but they typically have improved morale, take less time off and are more productive in the workplace than their unhealthy peers. It makes sense then for organisations to highlight the importance of health and wellbeing within the office, creating a culture where being physically active is celebrated and healthy choices are available. Companies can do this by implementing a structured wellness programme or simply offering a variety of healthy activities, such as sports groups, social excursions and inter-office competitions - like the Step Challenge!

What we’re doing to help

We’ve invited our colleagues to lace up their walking, running and cycling shoes and take on the Global Step Challenge this month. The challenge runs from 5 September through to 2 October and is a brilliant way for our team members to get active - with a bit of healthy competition thrown in for good measure.

Participants will track their daily steps inside and outside the office, with individual tallies added to a combined team score each week. Teams are made up of four people from IFDS offices across Ireland, Thailand, the UK and even our partners in India, ensuring the challenge is a great way to connect with new colleagues as well as getting active.

So what’s the end goal? Aside from getting active and enjoying some friendly rivalries across the business, the Step Challenge will see prizes available to everyone who takes part, as opposed to only those who track the most steps. It’s all about universal celebration and rewarding success as a team. The countdown is well and truly on for the last leg of the challenge, so get walking!

Current tally:

The teams are now just over halfway through the challenge and have a combined all team total of 12,970,880 steps! That’s a fifth of the way around the earth if you were to walk it (which we may well do)!

Find out more

IFDS also has active sports and social committees across its various sites, helping to keep employees happy and healthy. Find out more about the benefits of working at IDFS here and check out our latest job vacancies.
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