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Three secrets of top customer service professionals

25 May

We pride ourselves on our consistently high levels of customer service, employing only the best and most passionate people to help deliver excellence for our clients. With eight out of ten people saying that customer service can influence their choice of brand, it’s vital that we constantly improve this part of our business to ensure our customers are satisfied and return to us time and again. But what makes for good customer service, and how can you better the level you deliver for clients? We’ve uncovered five of the best customer service secrets to help you stay ahead of the pack.

It’s a name game

There’s a reason a market exists for products personalised with people’s names - it’s a natural instinct to respond favourably to the sweet sound of your own moniker. Studies have shown that hearing your own name triggers unique brain functioning activation, so it’s no surprise that one of the most effective strategies you can employ when dealing with a customer is to use their name.

Along with opening emails and other correspondence more readily if they’re directly addressed to them, people also tend to like others more if they mention their names during conversation. In the customer service world, using names can indicate a stronger memory and higher level of competence. It’s easy to do but can make the world of difference for the person at the other end of the phone, so don’t be shy to get familiar!

Skills beat scripts

While providing adequate training and plenty of guidelines and scripts are essential for almost any business that deals in customer service, you can’t beat having staff who have naturally excellent public speaking skills. A warm, friendly and helpful disposition can go a long way toward making a customer more confident in you, and additional knowledge and training only serve to further boost this effect. If you’re not a people person or don’t like talking to others, it will be much more difficult to hone your customer service skills. However, courses on public speaking, conflict resolution and problem solving can all be useful in helping break through this barrier.

Seek feedback and act on it

Feedback is everything for customer service representatives, and this should come directly from clients as well as from peers and supervisors. Regular surveys that reveal individual performance, as well as that of departments and the business as a whole can be particularly beneficial for collecting direct feedback, but there are plenty of ways to gather information on your reputation.

Use social media to your advantage by monitoring and responding to what people are saying about your business. Set up Google alerts to tell you if someone has mentioned you online and regularly search Twitter and Facebook to do the same.

Have you got what it takes?

If you’re looking to be part of a dedicated, passionate team in the UK, Ireland or Luxembourg, you could be our next customer service superstar. We want our clients to get the best possible service from IFDS and our customer service team members are integral to making sure this happens. Could you be one of them? Check out our live vacancies here.
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