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My DST story: Phill Barlow - part two

10 Apr

Phill Barlow started with DST as a security guard, before undertaking a series of free online courses that would change the shape of his future career. Last week he told us part one of his story – here’s what happened next:

A job to match my interests

After completing my last course, a job came up internally at DST as a Junior SQL Developer. While the database language was different to the ones I’d studied, I knew I could pick it up. A workmate saw it and suggested I might be interested in it, and I set the wheels in motion to make it happen.

Support from the DST team

Although I’d be learning about software and coding in my own time, I was still very inexperienced when it came to developing my CV and applying for roles. I credit some of the team at DST with helping me to bring my application skills in line with my new technical skills. Adele Carnera in particular was a huge support, taking time out of her schedule every week to help me overhaul my CV skills and ensure I was ready to apply for the next step up. From this, I felt confident writing a professional CV, and when the Junior SQL developer position came up, I progressed very quickly from submitting my CV to interviewing.

Other colleagues around the business, such as in the Marketing function, were integral in helping me understand more about the technical side of DST and how the different parts of the business worked. So many people helped me along the way, which shows what a supportive organisation it is here.

My new role in technology

My interview for the position was a success, and I’ve since gone on to take on more of a leadership role within the team. Within a year and a half, I’ve gone from a security worker to a developer to a technical manager, where I not only directly manage team members, but also workflows and projects. I love writing new software and solutions, creating reports and troubleshooting. There’s also great interaction with other departments in the business, which is a new challenge for me.

My progress has been aided by in-house training at DST, and as of August 2017 I have attained my MCSA Microsoft certification, which is hugely helpful in my industry. This was made up of a substantial training kit and three exams, which I studied for outside of my regular work hours. My supervisor supported me in doing this and the certification has broadened the range of work I can do.

I love a new challenge

One of my proudest moments at DST so far has been outside of my promotions – taking part in the Prince’s Trust Million Makers Challenge. This competition gave me a huge sense of achievement, seeing our team create a business from nothing and working hard to win our regional prize. The Celebrate Success awards opened my eyes up to the amazing work the Prince’s Trust does, and it felt really special to be part of that.

The next steps

When I step back and think about the past few years, I know I have come a long way. I’ve had to learn all the technical and financial skills I use on a daily basis, and the niche financial services element of DST specifically. But I’m not one to get ahead of myself and think about my future, particularly when I am loving my current job so much. I never have a bad day in my job, and I am still learning and developing, which I really enjoy and keeps me motivated to work hard in my current role.

Unless, of course, I get the call-up to be an astronaut – in which case I’m out the door!

Phill is just one of the driven, dedicated people who make up the exceptional DST team. If you like the sound of his work, take a look at our current technology jobs.
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