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Are you IFDS’ next apprentice?

14 Mar

Apprentices do it all: They study theoretical concepts, apply their knowledge to practical training and work alongside skilled and experienced staff. Their journey is all about gaining industry-specific skills (and qualifications) that can be applied immediately, earning a wage as they do so. It’s effectively studying while you work, and it’s a popular entrance point to the job market for many people across the world.

Apprenticeships are on the rise throughout England, with 14% more starts in 2014/15 than in the previous year. This is according to statistics released in the most recent Commons Library Briefing Paper, which also showed an increase in apprenticeship participation and achievements.


Why take up an apprenticeship?

When you take up an apprenticeship, you’re making a commitment to truly master a relevant skillset that you will use throughout your career. Apprenticeships often lead on to highly skilled positions that require both practical and theoretical knowledge, both of which you are immersed in at these early stages of your career. They’re cost-effective and you can ‘earn while you learn’, with huge career potential and prospects upon completion of the apprenticeship. What’s more, you’ll learn your trade directly from an industry expert, with hands-on support to help guide this stage of your career.

What sectors can you take up an apprenticeship in?

Apprenticeships can be found in almost every type of business, although just under three-quarters of those started in 2014/15 were found within the business, administration and law, health, public services and care and retail and commercial enterprise sectors.

If you’re interested in taking up one of these valuable programmes yourself, take a look at the range of available IFDS apprenticeships. We offer four programmes, including NVQ Level 2 or 3 in Providing Financial Services and Business Administration. We also offer the IOC (Investment Operations Certificate) or the AAT as additional qualifications through the apprenticeship programme.


IFDS is one of the best providers of apprenticeships in the business - but don’t just take our word for it. Ask David Cameron. He and Business Secretary Sajid Javid recently recognised us as a top employer for apprenticeships in the UK, which highlights the hard work we’ve put into our apprenticeship scheme since launching it in 2013. We’ve had 500 apprentices come through our doors, and we’re thrilled to support people at this stage in their career.

Our apprenticeships are fully paid, contribute to qualifications and are supported by current and former apprentices, alongside more senior members of staff. When you complete your apprenticeship, you’re in a fantastic position to climb the career ladder at IFDS and put your hard-earned skills and training to good use.

What does IFDS look for in an apprentice?

Our apprentices are enthusiastic and keen to learn, with great communication skills and a good level of English, mathematics and computer knowledge. While different apprenticeships require more specific skills, if you’re eager to start your career in the financial services sector, you could be just what we’re looking for.

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