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5 reasons why you should do an apprenticeship

05 Feb

The past years have seen the popularity of apprenticeships soar in the UK. With more than half a million individuals starting one in 2016- a 1.9% increase on the previous year- it’s clear that young and old alike feel that apprenticeships can benefit their job prospects, income and skillset in a way that an increasingly-expensive university education cannot. Indeed, in an age of increased market uncertainty, and with the rapid growth of technology affecting the way in which we do business, apprenticeships are uniquely suited to the challenges offered by the competitive financial services market.

Regardless of which career path you’re considering, here’s why you should be considering an apprenticeship this year.

You’ll learn relevant skills- and gain qualifications

Apprenticeships combine on-the-job experience with education, and let you learn in a way that few other courses allow you to do. Many courses will not only give you the direct training needed to excel within your field, but also equip you with and support you through industry qualifications that will further strengthen your CV: at DST, each eighteen-month scheme offers the opportunity to complete NVQ qualifications, which are highly regarded across a huge variety of industries, as well as training that starts on day one.

This training pays off, too: given that UK employers find apprentices to be 15% more employable than those with non-industry-specific qualifications, undertaking one could well be the key to career success.

You’ll be prepared for the world of work

Apprenticeships are ideal for preparing you for the world of work because they give you a realistic expectation of what a job within your chosen industry is like. Though there may be studying involved, the majority of your day-to-day work will include getting to grips with your workplace, the expectations of your job, and the industry that you’re working in. As a result, you’ll have a realistic expectation of what life is like in your industry, and how to progress within it: at DST, you can go onto work with us in a range of different roles.

You can earn while you learn

Doing an apprenticeship makes financial as well as educational sense. Studies undertaken by the Office for National Statistics show that more than a quarter of graduates in 2013 were paid less than those on work-based training schemes.

It’s not just long-term benefits that apprentices can look forward to, though: in addition to dodging university tuition fees, which are rising year on year, apprentices are paid from the moment they start working, allowing them to gain skills and independence whilst in the workplace- as well as take advantage of things like the holiday time, Life Assurance and flexible benefits scheme that we offer at DST.

You’ll be supported the whole way

Though starting an apprenticeship can be an intensive learning experience, they also give you much more one on one contact than a normal job, or a university course. The course is run by trained professionals, who are always on hand to offer advice or extra training, should it be required. Given the relatively small number of apprentices per employee, it’s ideal for providing the intensive training and support that you need to flourish within the role, in a relatively short period of time.

You can build your contact list

One of the best things about starting your career immediately in your chosen field is the number of people you’ll come into contact with. In places like the financial sector, competition for jobs is fierce, and working with experienced professionals from the beginning will help you make contacts, meet the right people, and develop your knowledge of the industry that will undoubtedly help you in your career. Join us At DST, we pride ourselves on giving our apprentices a head start in the world of work, offering expert training and teaching them practical skills that helps them forge successful careers. With more than 800 apprentices having graduated since we launched our apprenticeship scheme in 2013, we’re looking forward to welcoming more into the workplace this year, whether it’s in Financial Services or Business Administration.

Why not have a look at what we do here, or have a look at our available apprenticeships here?
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